Technical Details

Our products are built to look good and last for years. To ensure optimum performance we use industry leading components.


All of our timber is from legally & sustainably managed forests.

We use engineered section which means the dimensional stability is far in excess of solid wood.

Engineered timber is made from layers of wood bonded together, this multi-layer construction offers stability and stress performance far in excess of traditional solid hardwood, it is also free from the problems associated with knots, splits and staining.

Our most popular Hardwoods are Red Grandis and European Oak

Oak is chosen for its colour, grain configuration and natural beauty. Best used with translucent finishes allowing the natural beauty to shine through. Oak is naturally strong and resilient.

Red Grandis

Often called the hardwood of the future Red Grandis is durable and fungi resistant. Careful forest management ensures that tall straight trees are grown free from natural defects and stress free straight grain.

Red Grandis Brochure 2013.pdf

We also use Accoya

Accoya raises the standards and reliability of timber windows & doors to a new level. It is the result of more than 75 years of research and development and is wood modified by using an acetylation process. Guaranteed to last 50 years and modified to the core not just on the surface. As a result of this process the wood resists rot, decay and swelling by resisting moisture absorption.



We use high performance double or triple glazed units. Argon filled with warm edge spacers and soft coat low E glass. Designed to keep your home warm and thermally efficient.


Our Paint/Finish is from industry leading supplier Teknos. We use a three coat micro porous finish which is flexible and durable. It is applied in controlled conditions and factory finished for best results.

Teknos coating systems provide extended service life in both translucent and opaque finishes protecting against weathering, UV degradation mould and fungal attack.

We can offer both translucent and opaque finishes in a wide selection of colours. We also do split colour if required.

Matching to both RAL and Farrow & Ball colours.

4398 Teknos Grandis Oak Leaflet v7.pdf


The hinges, handles & locks we use are from the best suppliers. Selected for quality, durability, security and value for money. We offer a selection of colours and styles classic, modern and antique to suit your project and taste. Thoughtful features include

  • Easy clean Egress hinges
  • Twin cam security locks – with an 8 point system.
  • Bi-fold doors with both top hung or bottom roller system depending on location.
  • Sash windows with spiral balances or traditional weights & pulleys.



All our products feature advanced sealing systems, with a double storm seal on casement windows and brush & compression seals on sashes.



The Brookeswood Guarantee

  • 10 years on the construction and assembly of windows & door frames
  • 10 years on insulated glass units incorporating warm edge spacer bars
  • 10 year mechanical guarantee on hardware

This guarantee is contingent to all supplied frames being subject to a 'service life maintenance plan'

The typical life expectancy of factory finished translucent coatings is up to 5 years, and up to 8 years on opaque finishes.

This is only a guide, and regular routine inspections, taking into consideration environmental conditions peculiar to the installation site are essential. 

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