Why Choose Wooden Windows & Doors

  • Aesthetics, because the appearance of your house is important to you

Wood is a beautiful natural material and will add character and natural warmth to your home inside and out. Wood is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of different designs and colour/paint finishes depending on the style of your home. It is important to take the time at the beginning of your project to discuss the options available. Any ideas you may have are really helpful for us to work with, and inspiration can be found by looking at Pinterest, Instagram or simply by doing a Google search for images relating to your project. There is a wealth of information and inspiration to be found online. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/business/hub/

  • You want to add value to your home

Fitting inappropriate windows & doors can really reduce the value of your home. The style and appearance of your windows & doors can make a tremendous difference to the ‘kerb appeal’ and marketability of your home. The versatility of Timber means that windows & doors can be designed to add character to a modern property or restore a heritage home back to its former glory. 

  • Value for money 

Well designed and well-maintained timber windows can last the lifetime of the building in which they are installed and are an important long-term investment. The initial purchase price of wooden windows may be higher than other materials, but if this is factored over the expected service life, Timber proves to be a better investment. It should be emphasised that our windows and doors are factory finished with a specialist spray coating, which ensures a beautiful and durable finish. We supply full maintenance instructions with each project and a maintenance kit. We are always available for help and support with any maintenance queries and we provide a maintenance service if required.

  • You want your home to be as energy efficient as possible

Wood is naturally a good insulator and has very low thermal conductivity, making wooden windows extremely thermally efficient, this helps to keep your home warm at a lower cost.

  • Sustainability and environmental impact are important to you 

We all have a duty of care to protect our planet. Timber from well-managed sources is sustainable and environmentally friendly. All our timber is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. Timber windows and doors are also recyclable at the end of their useful life. https://www.fsc.org/en

  • Conservation Approved

Upgrading windows & doors in listed or conservation properties is a specialist task. Fitting inappropriate windows and doors is a huge threat to property values and can ruin the integrity of a listed or heritage property. We specialise in this area and will work closely with you to ensure that replacement windows & doors are as authentic as possible, meet with the necessary regulations and provide a vast improvement in security and thermal efficiency.

  • Security

Our timber windows & doors are designed incorporate a high level of security; we have worked closely with our component suppliers to ensure that our products comply with Part Q of the building regulations. We use concealed hinges and multi point locking as standard. 

Our windows & doors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, thermally efficient, value for money, high security, and environmentally friendly.